Why Landing Page

Landing page is a standalone page which serves a purpose. The purpose is to convert a visitor to a customer. it can we used to capture leads, lead to other pages, etc. The objective of the page is to give conversion.

People seeing your ad in social media or google lands on your landing page. Hence it needs to be “to the point” and interesting. It also needs to motivate these prospects to drop on their enquiry or make a purchase.

Since, your landing page is a very  important part of your business. We should know how to optimize the it.

How is a landing page optimized quicks tips:

A optimized landing page gives us better conversion. So we should continuously enhance and improve our it. Remember it is not your website it is an extension of the same. The purpose of your it is to generate result and not create brand.

  1. Make the objective clear: The lading page should have the offering of the product or the offers running upfront. Customers, coming to the landing page clearly knows what action they are supposed to take.
  2. It should be consistent. A customer has seen a certain ad and landed here. The page then should speak of the same offer as displayed in the ad.
  3. Have a simple and fast loading lading page. As most customers will access you it on their mobile phones. Have a mobile friendly page.
  4. Keep call to action button visible and direct.
  5. Have crisp short enquiry forms to fill. Customers may not fill the form if it is too lengthy.
  6. Try exit pop up as a recall to take action. If the prospects try to exit the page without filling the lead, the exit pop up will act as an reminder.
  7. Keep the contact us button visible and upfront.

Keep the above steps in mind while making your landing page. In case you want to know more about how to make your it more productive. You can always get in touch with us. We can help you optimize your landing page. We are always ready to help  you out to generate maximum results for your business.

Check few landing page examples, to get better clarity


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